Cat and Adi

Adi Benner is known for his exceptional documentary-style approach. He has an innate skill for capturing people in almost any environment. Adi’s sense of humor will charm your guests. He might even say the wrong thing from time to time. His heart and soul are wrapped around the experience you have on the big day and the success of your final product might be his biggest obsession. As a graduate of the USC Cinema School in 1994, Adi focused his studies in photojournalism and environmental portraiture. He is a master at digital processing and retouching, having spent nineteen years mastering Adobe Photoshop and the Creative Suite of programs.

During the vagabond years of her early twenties, Cat Krantz Benner carried her camera to thirty countries, where she learned to document the intricate and distinctive details of different customs and cultures. Cat excels in relaxed portraiture and prides herself on capturing the exact moment anyone else would miss. She will make you look perfectly calm (even if you perfectly aren’t). Though her joyful yet laid-back attitude puts family and guest at ease, Cat would never be accused of lacking assertiveness. She will climb atop shwanky hotel furniture or crawl under a muddy park bench to ensure that perfect shot. Born in South Africa, Cat (also known as Cathy and/or Cathryn in her former lives) moved to the States when she was two, later graduated from Tufts University in Boston and worked at Martha Stewart in New York. She returned to Los Angeles after traveling around the world where she owned a successful wedding planning firm and met her husband and partner. In her mid-twenties, Cat attended Santa Monica College’s rigorous school of photography where she mastered the arts of composition, lighting, and fashion.

Cat and Adi have two little ones, Clara and Spencer, and a fat cat named Fat.